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LF SOmnous Lilith FINAL OK

LF SOmnous Lilith FINAL OK

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International performer Lester Franco joins forces with Somnous. A worldly renounced DJ and Hip/Hop artist and Lilith Bellamorte a Mexican fire dancer for a show like no other. With great house, pop, rock music by Somnous with Lester’s live guitar and vocals and Lilith’s fire show and a performance by the 3 artists, this show is a unique experience.


Lester Franco + Somnous + Lilith Bellamorte es una experiencia única que combina la guitarra y voz en vivo de Lester Franco con el DJ set  de Somnous y el performance de danza con fuego de Lilith Bellamorte haciendo este un show como ningún otro.

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